Membership 01/09/17 to 31/08/18

Membership is open to adult & junior players of league standard, having also been approved by 'playing interview'.  Other Juniors need to be recommended for membership via the Wednesday Junior Coaching Initiative.  There is currently a ceiling on the number of members.

Membership subscriptions apply as follows, where the Membership year ends in August, and are to be paid in full when joining the Club:

Table Tennis England (TTE) Membership

As a Premier Club, all GSTTC members must have TTE membership: http://tabletennisengland.co.uk/membership/ or telephone TTE on 01908 208860.

GSTTC fees

Seniors: £150 per annum

Juniors (under 18): £75 per annum

However should membership fees be paid 31 August 2017 then a discount of £10 and £5 for seniors and juniors respectively, would apply to the above fees.

Visitor fees

Seniors & Juniors - £10
Visitors are only permitted to attend the club on Friday and Sunday evenings, and at other times only by invitation of a member.  Visitors must pay the visitor fee to a committee member or other member of the club, and complete the guest book.  Visitor fees must be paid before a visitor goes on the table to play.  All visitors are encouraged to apply and obtain a licence from Table Tennis England; in any event it is mandatory to obtain a TTE licence if the visitor intends to come to the club after 4 visits.  A licence can be obtained free of charge at http://tabletennisengland.co.uk/membership/ or telephone: 01908 208860.

GSTTC membership application

Please make payment via Bank transfer and email your GSTTC membership form (PDF) or GSTTC membership form (WORD docx) to us (Bank details details and email address on membership form).
Important - Please state type of TTE membership on your GSTTC Membership form and your TTE member number if known.

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