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Table Tennis England (TTE) London region table tennis club based in New Malden, serving Surrey, London & Middlesex areas.  We are a TTE Premier Excellence level table tennis club with Sport England Clubmark accreditation, practice is available on all evenings of the week except Saturday.  Our "club evenings" are on Fridays, where we usually have 6 tables available for practice.  We offer some of the best playing conditions in the London region and have changing room and shower facilities.

Membership is open to adult & junior players of league standard, having also been approved by 'playing interview'.  Other Juniors need to be recommended for membership via the Wednesday Junior Coaching Initiative.  There is currently a ceiling on the number of members.  Please see our fees page for futher details.


Visitors are welcome to try out our facilities, but only on Friday and Sunday evenings, the only exception to this is that existing members can invite guests at any time.  Visitors are expected to be "LEAGUE STANDARD", they must provide their own equipment and be appropriately dressed in non-white sports clothing and non-marking trainers.  Therefore, no playing in shoes, trousers, Board shorts etc.  Visitors may only come to the club on 4 occasions before they are required to obtain TTE membership, TTE Associate membership is free of charge  (Please see our fees page for further details)

League table tennis

For the 2016 / 2017 Season, Graham Spicer have entered club teams in the following leagues:
Veteran Mens British League, Womens British League, Thames Valley Table Tennis League and Sutton & District Table Tennis League.

Table tennis coaching

Adult & junior, one to one or group table tennis coaching is available, this is open to members & non-members, please see our coaching page for further details.

Latest Club News

British League results - GSTTC Teams
Graham Spicer British League 2017
Graham Spicer British League 2017
The last 3 weeks has seen the 1st of 2 weekend sessions of the Clubs participation in both the Veteran Men's & Senior Womens TTE British League.  The Club has two veteran men's teams & one Women's senior team.  The Veteran men played on the weekend of 16/17 September with team 1 playing in Div 3A, and team 2 playing in Div 4A following their relegation last year.  Team 1, represented by Tim Waller, Steve Duggan, & Mats Johansson, are playing in a really difficult division of 6 teams where the standard of each team is similar, in fact, only 3 points covered the top 5 teams after the 5 matches that were played which resulted in 1 win, 3 draws, & 1 loss.  All to play for in the next session, 2 teams go down, 2 teams go up!  Player averages were Mats 60%, Steve 50%, Tim 30%.  Team 2, represented by Jin Luo, Jeremy Wu, & Tony Needham, proved to be tough opposition for 4 of the teams that they played, gaining 4 wins, mostly due to Jin who played superbly in all the matches.  Jeremy & Tony backed him up well.  Although the team lost 1 game they still managed to finish in 2nd place on 8 points, which was the same number as the top team, only 1 game worse off.  Player averages were Jin 90%, Tony 60%, Jeremy 60%.  No relegation worries this year!

This last weekend was the turn of the Senior Women's team captained by Kumiko.  Last year the team were promoted from Div 4 to Div 3 where the standard is considerably higher, especially after losing a couple of players.  This year the team was Kumiko Williams, Michelle McGovern, Lute Durham, and Janice Lee.  The team did not fare so well finishing last of the 6 teams.  The good news is though that 2 other teams are on 2 points also, so all is not lost!  The Club also enters Junior & Cadet teams in TTE competition so more news of the Club's fortunes to follow.  Enjoy your new season of table tennis.

Tom Adams Hard Bat tournament 2017
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament 2017
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament 2017
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament 2017
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament 2017
Another successful tournament held on 10th of June with 21 participants, this annual fun tournament is played using identical sandpaper covered bats and 38mm balls.

Shruti Chowdhary beat last year winner David Bangerter in semi final whilst Tin-Chi Ivan Wong beat Peter Lyall with his strong attack in his semi final.  Shruti Chowdhary beat Tin-Chi Ivan Wong 11-8 in the 5th to win the event.

TVTTL Handicap Cup

The event was held at Graham Spicer:

The Cup Winners were - Spicer 9 who beat NPL.

The Plate winners were - Spicer 3 who beat Molesey 2.

Surrey Closed

The event was held at Graham Spicer, Steve Fagan was runner-up in the over 40's having allready beaten the eventual winner Steve Davis in the group stage.  Sally Cimiotti won the over-40’s Women’s event.  Sally beat Carmen Vadji in the group stages and then again in the final.  Carmen Vadji beat Kim Johnson in the over 60’s Women’s final.  Ajay Shah was Champion of the Men’s over-60’s event with Robert Barr as runner-up.  Lute Durham won the under-21’s Women’s final against Ellie Frost.  In the under-21’s Men’s Final Robert Pelc beat Damien Gray.  Michelle McGovern beat Sally Cimiotti in the final of the Women’s Senior event.

Photographs show members Damien Gray, Sally Cimiotti & Michelle McGovern, Ajay Shah

Womens British League
Graham Spicer Womens British League 2016-2017
Graham Spicer Womens British League 2016-2017

The newly formed Graham Spicer Womens British League Team - consisting of Kumiko Williams, Michelle McGovern, Sandy Nash, Ikue Humphrey & Sue Pingram.

Two weekends of table tennis culminated in our team holding on to the runners up spot held over from weekend one in div 4 Women's British League. So, Graham Spicer ladies should be promoted to division 3 next season.

GSTTC club tournament
Fun_Doubles_winners 2016
Fun_Doubles_runners-up 2016
GSTTC_Handicap_winner 2016
GSTTC_Handicap_runner-up 2016
GSTTC_Open_winner 2016
GSTTC_Open_runner-up 2016
The GSTTC club tournament took place on the 12, 14 and 16 December, the format was Open Singles, Fun Doubles and Handicap Singles.  The finals of each event were held on Friday 16 December, an Xmas cheese and wine buffet was laid on for all competitors and their guests, it was an enjoyable evening with some entertaining table tennis matches.  The Open Singles was won by David Bangerter, with Daniel Heo as runner-up, the Handicap Singles was won by Jonathan Chernett with Raphael Gabari as runner-up, and the Fun Doubles was won by Tony Morris & Pawel Meryn, with Damien Gray & Raphael Gabari as runners-up.  All finalists received Bribar vouchers for table tennis equipment.

Womens British League
Graham Spicer Womens British League 2016

The newly formed Graham Spicer Womens British League Team - consisting of Kumiko Williams, Michelle McGovern, Sandy Nash & Ikue Humphrey.

After Weekend 1 they are standing in 2nd place in Div 4 (out of 5) having won 3, drawn 1, lost 1.  The second and final leg is to be played in February 2017.

Tom Adams Hard Bat tournament 2016
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament.jpg 2016
David Bangerter beat Ollie Maric 13-11 in the 5th to win the event.  David Bangerter beat David Solman in the semi final, whilst Ollie beat Tin-Chi Ivan Wong in his semi final.

Good to see that the youngsters played so well as neither had used a hard bat before !!

Thames Valley League 2015/16 divisional tournaments
Div1: Graham Spicer member Daniel Heo beat Chris Booker (Chessington TTC).
Div3: Singles- winner Asa Gauntlett, runner-up Damien Gray.  Doubles- Asa Gauntlett & Damien Gray were runners-up.

Thames Valley League 2015/16 Handicap cup
GSTTC_Hard_Bat_tournament.jpg 2016
Two Graham spicer teams reached the final with GS9 beating GS6.  GS9 were represented by Damien Gray, Asa Gauntlett and Josh Aruliah.

Thames Valley League 2015/16 Final results
Graham Spicer finished both winners and runners-up in all divisions they entered! Div1: GS1 finished 1st, the team consisted of Minica Belemet, Richard Parke, Geoff Grange, John Fannin, David solman and Tony Morris.  GS3 were runners-up, Daniel Heo came top of the Div1 averages with 93.80 %.
Div2: GS6 finished 1st - Robert Shearman 93.80% (top of Div2 averages), David Suk 90.20% & Miles Stewart 75.00%.  GS4 were runners-up, Raphael Gabari 87.20%.
Div3: GS9 finished 1st - D. Gray 98.10% (top of Div3 averages), A Gaunlett 97.20%, O Owen 81.80%, J Aruliah 78.10%.  GS7 were runners-up - P Lyall 93.80%, L Pomaro 76.30% & C Geddes 63.40%.

National Junior League 2015/ 2016
GSTTC National Junior league 2016
NJL DIV 1 DAY4 27th FEB, Asa , David & Damien
At the start of the day Graham Spicer led the field just 1 point ahead of Chelmsford A, Ellenborough A and Fusion 1.  The expectation was that Graham Spicer having already beaten all three of the chasing pack would rapidly move ahead with a really tight scrap taking place behind them for the runner-up spot but as so often happens fate took a hand with both Chelmsford A and Fusion 1 missing two of their first team players.  In the first round of the day Graham Spicer beat Warren Spring A by 8-1 increasing their lead over Ellenborough A to 2 points.

In the second round It was Graham Spicer's turn to benefit from the 9 points from Fusion 2 and this put them 3 points ahead of Ellenborough A.  Ellenborough A didn't give up and in the last round scored a 9-0 victory over Fusion 1 finishing on 47 points.  This was still not good enough as Graham Spicer completed their programme undefeated winning 8-1 against Mossford 1 to give them a total of 49 points 2 points more than Ellenborough A and runnimg out well deserved winners of the Tournament ,no mean achievement against strong opposition.

National Junior League 2015/16
This season we have entered one team in the NJL at Ellenborough (which has a nine game format), and have been placed in Div2.  It’s important to note that this year we have lost 4 players due to other commitments and ineligible due to age but it has allowed Asa and Damien to step up at both levels with help from David and Oscar.  Our other 2 teams are in Div1 and Div 3 of the NCL at Horsham, (which has a six game format).  The tournament is run over 4 days each year between the months of October and March/April.

NJL Day1 10/10/15 - Graham Spicer A team: Asa Gauntlett, Damien Gray, Darshan Kumaresan.  Div2 had 7 teams and three rounds of matches were played, with one team sitting out in each round.  BATTS B remain unbeaten in Div2, having won all their 3 matches by 6-3 against Mossford 2, Warren Springs B, and Chelmsford B.  They top the table with 18 points.  Also unbeaten is Graham Spicer, who won 8-1 against both Chelmsford B and Warren Springs B, and despite having played one match less, are only 2 points behind.  Asa and Damien both on 100%, with Darshan on 67%.

NJL Div2 Day2 21/11/15 - Asa, Oscar, Owen, Damien.
Graham Spicer, who were lying in equal second place, but with a game in hand at the start of the day, produced another sterling performance beating top teams BATTS B, Mossford 2, BATTS A and the much weakened Ellenborough C, with the loss of only 1 set.  They now head the table with 51 points, and a massive 14 point lead over BATTS A in second place.  Asa and Oscar both on 100% 10/10 and Damien on 90% 9/10.

NJL Div1 Day3 16/01/16 Asa, David Suk, Damien.
The decision to promote Graham Spicer to Division 1 at the end of the first round-robin, proved fully justified, as we were the only undefeated team at the end of Day 3.  Although all our four matches produced close scores, we managed to come out on top in each case, beating Barnet by 7-2, Chelmsford A by 6-3, Ellenborough A by 5-4 and Fusion 1 by 6-3.  This gave us a total of 24 points and a lead of just 1 point at the top of the table over Chelmsford A, Ellenborough A and Fusion 1, who all won their remaining 3 matches, and all ended up equal 2nd with 23 points apiece.  Although the lead is a slender 1 point we are the only team to have played all our main rivals and providing we can manage to field the same team, maintain the same high level of concentration and consistency then we should be successful on Day 4.  Asa 75% 9/12, Damien 67% 8/12, David 58% 7/12.
Report by Peter brown.

National Veterans League 2015/ 2016 (final weekend - 23 Jan 2016)
GSTTC National league 2016
GS1 playing in div 1A and consisting of Steve Duggan 52.94%, Tony Needham 56.25%, Mats Johansson 50% and Patrick Caunt 6.67%, finished 4th out of 6, retaining their place in this division for next season.  GS2 playing in Div 2B and consisting of Tim Waller 91.67%, Jeremy Wu 58.33% and Jin Lau 41.67%, finished 1st out of 4 by 1 point! thus gaining promotion, with Tim finishing top of the averages in this division.

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Osteopathy discounts for Graham Spicer members

Osteopathy treatment at a discounted rate of £25 per session for Graham Spicer members.  Contact Simon Narramore  020-86882088

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